DIY winter decorations!

Check out these awesome and easy DIY winter decorations to help make your home a little more festive this year!

The holidays are right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than hosting a small party for your close friends and family to enjoy! All you need is some good food, good wine and of course festive decorations! Since we know how stressful it is prepping for a party, we figured we’d make decorating your house as easy as possibly by telling you how to do some awesome DIY winter decorations!

diy winter decorations

First, what better way to make your house not only cozy but also festive with a beautiful DIY winter candle! All you need is :

-Mason Jars

-metallic glass paint

-snowflake cutouts


-A pretty ribbon

-Tea candles


Then you spray your jars with metallic glass paint, let it dry and glue on your snowflakes. Tie a pretty ribbon on top of the jar, put your candle in the center and enjoy some pretty festive lighting!

diy winter decorations


Another great idea for DIY winter decorations can be used as a center piece at your table or wherever you want a little extra holiday décor! All you need is:

-A few branches

-Silver spray paint



– A vase

Then you spray your branches silver, let them dry and glue glitter on them. Put them in a pretty vase with any extra accessories you may want (I use gold and silver round ornaments) and enjoy!

diy winter decorations 2


Lastly, another cute way to decorate your house this winter is with these easy DIY winter christmas trees! All you need is

-Paper lace tea coasters

-small wooden sticks

-Hot glue gun

Then you put the paper lace coasters on the stick through the center, glue in place and enjoy your pretty DIY Christmas tree!

diy winter decor 3

We hope you enjoy these easy DIY winter decorations to make your holidays just a little bit more festive!