• New York Fashion Week for Korto Momolu

    • Client

      Korto Momolu
    • Job Role

      event planning, publicity, production
    • Agency

      New York Fashion Week
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    Korto Momolu, season 5 “Project Runway” fan favorite and runner-up, contracted The Nouveau Image to help with the successful launch of her SS13 fashion line at New York Fashion Week on September 7th, 2012.  The Nouveau Image helped Korto reach out to the press, secure numerous sponsors, and find the official hotel sponsor for the show.  Sponsors and gift bag donors included Agent 18, Adorn 512, and Shea Radiance.

    Overall, the event was a success.  The Nouveau Image made sure to invite a multitude of press including fashion editors, bloggers and other fashion insiders to cover the runway show.  As a result, Korto Momolu’s fashion show was covered on multiple fashion blogs.  Notable celebrity guests in attendance included Grammy nominated singer Shontelle, Project Runway alumnus Michael Costello, actor Max Tapper, Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss Teen USA, R&B singer Vivian Green, and many others.  Korto Momolu praised The Nouveau Image for their professionalism and said this year’s fashion show was one of the best she’s ever thrown.


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