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    Corporate Sponsorships play a vital role in the production of a successful event. For our client’s events, The Nouveau Image ┬áresearches and commincates with various brands to acquire sponsors for the event. These sponsorships or donations will not only help the event at hand, but will also benefit the sponsor’s brand by giving them a great deal of exposure and a chance to market to a customer, they may not have reached before.


    Gift bags are important for an event because it supports the credibility when it has donations and support from other well-known companies. It also creates excitement and makes the event memorable for the gift bag reciever. Just like monetary sponsorships, gift bags donations are just as beneficial for the brand that is giving…they are able to introduce their product or service to a group of people that may not be aware of them.

    Above is the gift bag, The Nouveau Image put together for the 2012 Hemp Heals Music Festival.The Nouveau Image has also constructed gift bags for the Philadelphia Film Festival, New York Fashion Week for Korto Momotu, and many others.